Aichi University of Education Library
B.H. Chamberlain and T. Sugiura Collection / チェンバレン・杉浦文庫

Basil Hall Chamberlain This collection consists of books, letters and miscellanies, owned by Basil Hall Chamberlain(England : 1850-1935) and Toshiro Sugiura (Okazaki, Japan : 1883-1968).

B.H. Chamberlain served as a professor at the Imperial University of Tokyo (1886-1890). His work ranges from translation of Kojiki (the earliest recorded history of Japan) to the study of linguistics. With prominent linguistic knowledge, he conducted extensive studies of Japanese cultural traditions. He is also known as Lafcadio Hearn's mentor.
Toshiro Sugiura was a servant-student of B.H. Chamberlain. He accompanied B.H. Chamberlain on his journey to the United States, U.K., Asian countries, Switzerland, etc. B.H. Chamberlain patronized him and willed a part of his library to him.

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