Library Guides and Regulations (for the members)

1. Library Opening Hours
Opening Hours Circulation Hours
In Term 9:00 - 22:00 ( Mon - Fri ) 9:00 - 21:45
11:00- 17:00 ( Sat, Sun, holiday) 11:00 - 16:45
Out of Term 9:00 - 17:00 ( Mon - Fri ) 9:00 - 17:00

* Some of the Library services, such as circulation services and reference services, are not available for the last fifteen minutes of the opening hours.
** Our library calendar is available on WWW.
*** Please confirm the hours as there are exceptions according to the university schedule. For further information, contact the University Library: the Circulation Desk, tel: 0566-26-2687 or the Reference Desk, tel: 0566-26-2688.
Closed Days
  1. From December 28 to January 5
  2. For library work (the third Wednesday of every month)
  3. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during each vacation
  4. The Library will be closed at such times as may be determined by the Director of University Library in agreement with the University authorities.
2. Admission to the Library

Students, faculty and staff of the university can use the library.

  • Keep quiet in the Library. Switch off your portable telephone.
  • Smoking and the consumption of food and drink are prohibited in the Library except the lounge.
  • Don't use the Library for recreation.
  • No book may be removed from the library without the issue being recorded in the manner prescribed by the Librarian. Library staff are authorised to examine books and bags if a reader activates the book detection system when leaving the Library.
  • Take good care of library materials. The marking, defacing, damaging, or losing of library materials will be regarded as a serious offense. Readers who are responsible for an item which is damaged or lost will be required to pay for the cost of replacement.
3. Circulation Services

   ・At the Circulation Desk on the second floor, you may check books out, return or renew books, and ask for help in locating books.
   ・Students, faculty, and staff may check books out, using their ID Cards as a Library   Card.
Loan periods and allowances
Each category of borrower is allocated a maximum number of items (global allowance) that may be loaned at one time from the Library.

Global allowance Loan Periods Global allowance Loan Periods
14 days
7 days
faculty & staff
30 days
7 days
* Loan periods are subject to change during the term examinations, each vacation, and practice teaching.
** You can check on due dates on your library record by supplying your Library Card at the Circulation Desk.
Return of books
Return books to the returning section on the Circulation Desk.
・When the Library is closed, put books into the Book Post at the entrance.
You can extend the loan period at the Circulation Desk or on OPAC.
On the left menu of OPAC, click "User Inquiry" and log in with AUE ID/Password.
On the lending list screen, check the box on the left of a book, click Renew button.
・Books cannot be renewed in the following cases :
  ・Reserved by the next user
     ・Overdue or you have an overdue book
  ・You are penalized for the late return
The late return of books and overdue penalty
All materials borrowed from the Library must be returned on or before the due date.
・In case you fail to return the books by the due date, your right to loan books will be    suspended during the same period as your overdue days.
Reservation (for books on loan)
If a book you need is loaned by somebody else, You can make a reservation at the Circulation Desk or via OPAC.

・When the book you need is on loan, please click Reserve button.
You will be informed via E-mail when the book is available.
・The book will be held for you for two weeks.
・You can cancel the reservation at the Circulation Desk or from "User Inquiry" of the left menu of the OPAC.
・You cannot reserve books in the following cases :
     ・Overdue or you have an overdue book
  ・You are penalized for the late return

Items which cannnot be borrowed
Some of the library materials, such as reference books, special collections, new arrivals of periodicals, audio-visual materials, are only for reference.
4. The stacks

The faculty, staff and graduate students can enter the stacks.
・The undergraduate students can enter the stacks if obtain admission to the stacks.
Please don't forget to show your ID card at the counter when entering the stacks.
・Carrying on bags or sacks into the stack is not permitted. Leave them in the    locker at the entrance of the stacks.

・Those who have no qualification for admission should write down the call      numbers and the titles of the materials in a request form at the circulation      counter.

Taking out stack books
Mon-Fri 9:00-12:00, 12:45-17:00

5. Purchase Request

If a book you need for learning and research is not owned by the library, you can make a purchase request. Please fill out a request form

6. Digital Resources

The library owns mainly 3 types of digital resources available to the library users.
They are online databases, CD-ROMS, and electronic journals.

Online databases
Kikuzo UVisual for libraries The Asahi Shimbun Article Database
    ・The Chunichi Shimbun Article Database
    ・Yomidas Rekisikan The Yomiuri Shimbun Article Database
ELNET Japanese newspapers and magazines
    Toyo Keizai Digital Contents Library Shukan Toyo Keizai, Shikiho, etc.
Rika-Nenpyo Premium The Chronological Scientific Tables : Rika-nenpyo
Japan Knowledge Plus N Dictionaries, encyclopedia, etc.
    ・ Kanpo The Japanese government gazette
    ・ Law and judicial precedent in Japan
・The law times report
Electronic Journals
Aichi University of Education subscribes to electronic journals, as well as paper version of academic journals.

Data searches

1. Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

The materials of the library can be searched through the computer terminals.
OPAC service is available on WWW.

1. Shelving System
The books (except special materials etc.) are classified by subject based on the Nippon Decimal Classification, 7th ed. and are arranged on the shelves.

・Labels attached on the spine of a book indicate classification number, author mark, and volume number.

・You can search books with reference to classification number shown in OPAC.
・Periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order according to the title.

Reference Services
The Reference Desk on the second floor helps your researches as follows:
  1. Helping to search bibliographies and literature
  2. Helping to research for materials or a certain topic
  3. Instructuring how to use library catalogs (OPAC) and data bases


Photocopying of any copyright item in the Library may be carried out only within the limits imposed by Japanese copyright law and with the scale of charges currently in force.

・The coin operated self-services photocopiers in front of the Circulation Desk    are available for all.
・The card operated photocopiers next to the Reference Desk are for those who  can use the faculty expenditure.

Interlibrary Service (Only for Aichi University of Education members)

If the materials you want are not available at the Library, you can get from other libraries or access them.
Letter of Introduction
In case you need a letter of introduction to visit other libraries, please contact the Reference Desk.
Interlibrary Loan Service
You can borrow books from other libraries through our Library.
・You are required to pay the total postage.
・Please fill in the interlibrary loan request form and submit it to the       Reference Desk.
You can obtain photocopies of materials from other libraries.
・You are required to pay a cost of photocopies and postage.
Please fill in the interlibrary photocopying request form and submit it to the  Reference Desk.

Floor Guide

Library Guides and Regulations (for the visiters)

Entering the library
Enter your name on the entering procedure form at the gate.
・You need to exhibit your library card or identification which indicates you and your address such as driver license, health insurance card or passport etc.
A letter of introduction is not required.
The circulation services
If you apply for a library card, you will be able to borrow books.
Global allowance : 3
Loan periods : 14 days
You cannot borrow periodicals.
The stacks
The visitors are not allowed in the stacks. Please inform a staff at the counter of the materials you wish to take out.