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Postcards from the Chamberlain and Sugiura Collection
       絵はがき : チェンバレン・杉浦文庫の資料から

-- Introduction --

The postcards are from the B.H. Chamberlain and T. Sugiura Collection which were given to theLibrary by the Sugiuras. There are about 6,000 postcards in the collection.

In the future, we hope to scan the rest of the images and add them to the site.



-- Table of Contents --
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-- Acknowledgment --
Special thanks to: The Sugiuras

-- Warning --
The text and images in this exhibit are for the personal use of students, scholars, and the public. Any commercial use or publication of them is strictly prohibited.
-- Copyright Information --
We hope not to violate the copyright of the original owners by displaying the pictures. If you have any problems with the postcards, please contact us by email.

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